Spatial Calibration and caliper tool dialog option tab

A customer has discovered a bug in Image Pro Plus version

If you attempt to save the "Use Spatial calibration" from the caliper tool dialog, options tab, the value will not be saved in the setting file. 

This is not according to documentation in Auto-Pro 7.0 Help:

Syntax: IpClprSettings(szFileName, bSave)

Description: This function saves or loads caliper tool settings, including sampling tools, edge detectors, measurements, and options.

Attempts to use such a saved settings file (expecting that this value is present) would lead to wrong results in any analysis.



  • Hi Rita,

    It looks like a bug in saving/loading of caliper settings. As a workaround for this problem, to be sure that caliper uses spatial calibration, you can add this macro function after loading the settings file:

    ret = IpClprSet(CLPRO_APPLY_SCAL, 1)



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