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HI all, 

Image Pro had a nice function that allowed to draw an object around a lot of other measured objects (e.g. bias) and then merge the large with the underlying first measured objects. This way cleaning up was very simple by using a size restriction. 

I could not find any equivalent in Image Pro Premier. Is there one I overlook or cannot find? 
Many thanks



  • Hi Daniel,

    Please check the Merge button on the Measure tab:

  • Hi Yuri, 

    Thanks I found that one... but not what I need. Maybe I expressed myself not well.
    I do not want to manually select object (I'd grow too old...). I want to draw an object around all those you selected and then merge. 
    Or is there a way I can easily select subgroups of objects? E.g. within a second ROI I could draw around the bias objects or something like that? It needs to be free polygon. 


  • So in previous version I could draw an ROI like in the right image, convert to Object and then it was kicked out by size restriction. Could get rid of any kind of bias very easily. (this is just an example, what I measure is somewhat less simple...)

    Hope this explains it. 


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    If you want to exclude some areas from counting, you can do it by drawing ROIs defining areas you want to count, you can combine multiple ROIs with XOR:

    You can also just select objects on the image (using Net selection) and then delete them.

  • ...but HOW do I select the objects in the inner or outer ROI, only? The ROIs and the objects beneath in the second layer are not connected. In the Count tab I just see one number for all objects. So how to delete? 
    What do I miss here? 

  • Hi Daniel,

    You should draw ROI first and then execute Count. The objects will be counted only in areas inside the ROI mask (non-green).

  • ......well that means a good function is missing. It's not about knowing before the count, it's about cleaning up counts... 
    The simple 'ROI to object' was very useful. So there is no way to freely or anyhow easily select groups of objects that were counted....

    Thanks for bothering., 

  • You can convert ROIs to measurement objects using Features Manager, but it's not necessary if you want to draw objects manually as it's already possible directly using Measurements Polygon tool.

    If you want to exclude objects after Count using manually drawn exclusion area, you can draw a new ROI (with XOR option) and execute Count again.

    Also, you can just select multiple objects and delete (which was not possible in Image-Pro Plus).

  • 2019-08-22-101724

    dhavas --

    Please see my illustration below and let us know if this illustrates your challenge.

    In this illustration
    • 111 is an original image with 3 DARK OBJECTS
    • 222 is the same image with 3 FEATURES (A, B, C) found by THRESHOLD + COUNT and an ROI to illustrate the USER INPUT for the CORRECTION
    • 333 is the same image with 2 FEATURES (A and BC)
    If this is a reasonable illustration of the INPUT and OUTPUT that you are looking for, I believe I can illustrate at procedure that will take you from INPUT to OUTPUT.

    Please let me know.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt

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