IpAnCreateObj Error

(Originally posted by Helga on 3/2/2006)

can anybody confirm, that in order to call IpAncreateObj function, one needs to have the annotation listed in the menu.

As with IPP 5.1 we can use different mnu-files, I made one for my special use. But later I wanted to play a macro with IpAnCreateObj function and returned an No-object-reference error. Once I added the menu item Annotat&e...,Annotate image features.,ipanot32,0x6F8F,1
it worked.

I just wanted to know if there were any more such functions, which need an appropriate mnu entry in order to work and why ?



  • (Originally posted by YuriG on 3/2/2006)

    The menu item has startup flag (0x400), which initializes ipanot32.dll when IPP starts. If you want to hide this item from the menu you can add % in front:
    %item Annotat&e...,Annotate image features.,ipanot32,0x6F8F,1


  • (Originally posted by KevinR on 3/2/2006)

    Annotation is one of a number of modules that must be loaded at application startup. In the case of annotation this allows checking image files as they are loaded to see if there are annotations in the header, so that we can save/load the annotations at that time. These modules have the startup flag (0x400) in their listing.

    Calibration is another such module, for the same reasons.


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