Issue while shutting down PREMIER 9.2 . . .

All --

I am experiencing an issue while shutting down PREMIER 9.2.

The error shown in the first JPG IMAGE FILE below and attached is appearing when I shut down PREMIER if I "close" all of the the "ghost" files that are shown in the second JPG IMAGE FILE below and attached that has screen captures of the PROJECT WORKBENCH.

If I press the OK in the ERROR MESSAGE from the first image, a then PREMIER CRASHES and generates the errors shown in the 3rd JPG IMAGE FILE below and attached.

If I leave the "ghost" REPORTS file open within PROJECT WORKBENCH, PREMIER closes without issue.

How is the best way to resolve this issue?


-- Matt

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    I'll contact you by email directly to sort this out, it seems that some of your settings got corrupted somehow.

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    Thanks Matt, this will definitely be useful to resolve the issue.



  • All --

    Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue?


    -- Matt
  • Matt,

    It looks like the problem is related to one of your projects. Try to unload all projects from the workbench and restart Premier to see if it helps.

  • Yuri --

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I did as you suggested and the issue persists.

    As long as I do not close the REPORTS TAB, PREMIER (9.2) and the WORKBENCH operate normally.

    If I close the REPORTS TAB (which sometimes has content and sometimes is empty) then PREMIER crashes upon exit.

    Also . . .

    I have not consciously used a REPORT in any of my projects.  The existence of this within the WORKBENCH is either the DEFAULT or AUTOMATIC.

    Any other suggestions?


    -- Matt
  • Pierre --

    Your suggestion to perform FILE + OPTIONS + RESET resolved this issue.

    Thank you very much.

    -- Matt
  • Pierre and Yuri --

    This error has cropped up again.

    I think I know what action triggered this error.

    With PREMIER not running, I moved a folder that contained a PROJECT.  When PREMIER started, it tried to open the PROJECT at the old location.  No folder or files were at the old location.

    PREMIER generated some GHOST TABS within the WORKBENCH.

    When I closed the GHOST TABS and then closed the WORKBENCH and PREMIER, the


    error was displayed.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt
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