Why will Image-Pro Plus not load my AVI File?


I am currently trying to load an AVI file into Image Pro Plus and I cannot get the program to load. I keep getting the error message, "Error Opening *File Name* <-10>. 

When I select the file it will begin loading, as in the black bar acorss the bottom moves about halfway, and then I get the error message. 

This is an AVI file that I have uncompressed and is about 6 Gigs as a result. I have tried converted it to a variety of different codecs but none have worked so far. The file was created using a Casio EX-FC150 camera.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




  • Jonathan --

    If I was in your situation, I would shoot a short video using the same CAMERA and FILE HANDLING and see if IMAGE-PRO PLUS will open the SMALL AVI FILE.

    If so, you have a FILE SIZE PROBLEM with the LARGE AVI FILE and IMAGE-PRO PLUS may not have the capacity to manage the MEMORY / STORAGE required to open the LARGE AVI FILE.

    If not, you have a CODEC PROBLEM with BOTH AVI FILES.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt

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