image analysis: colony size before after- merging events area measurement

Hi, I have never used Image Pro, but I am looking for a software that can help with my analysis. I have images of tiles, which have colony growth (algae). The colonies fuse via lateral expansion. I would like to track change and assess growth for the individual colonies. Is image Pro Plus able to do that. Attached there is an example image of a tile and a comaprison (before/after) in binary to see the sort of change I want to observe.
 Thank you for your help in advance.,


  • Hi Anna,

    You can segment algae in Image-Pro Premier using Smart segmentation. 

    Every segmented object is measured and the results can be compared to the reference.

  • 2017-01-30-115217

    Hannan --

    I believe that you are looking to determine the amount of change between the colonies in the TOP IMAGE and the BOTTOM IMAGE.

    Toward that end, I edited your


    image using the CROP FUNCTION within PHOTOSHOP to generate IMAGE A for the TOP IMAGE and IMAGE B for the BOTTOM IMAGE.

    Using the ALIGN IMAGES FUNCTION within IMAGE-PRO PLUS, I then generated

        Aligned image.tif

    I then used the EXTRACT FRAMES FUNCTION to get

        A ALIGNED.tif
        B ALIGNED.tif

    I then used the


    generating an RGB image with:

        RED PIXELS where COLONIES are located in B but not A
        GREEN PIXELS where COLONIES are located in A but not B
        BLACK PIXELS where COLONIES are located in A and B
        YELLOW PIXELS where COLONIES are not located in A or B

    Please see this in


    which contain SCREEN CAPTURES from IMAGE-PRO PLUS.

    I have also attached


    which is a JPG IMAGE FILE for the RGB IMAGE.

    You should be able to use the COLOR THRESHOLD FUNCTION and the COUNT / SIZE FUNCTION within IMAGE-PRO PLUS to measure the COLONY SIZES that you are looking for.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt


  • Hi YuriG,
    thanks for the help, but its is as mbatchelor said, I need to compare the two images (B&W) and quantify the change. But I might play around with threshold selecting the colonies (so far I selected them in PhotoShop by hand to have maximum control).
    @mbatchelor, thank you so much. you make it look so easy. I have been trying around for ages. This is going to revolutionise my work flow. Do you know if Image-Pro Plus can also show the number of the colony, which is in the area measurement table, so I can relate table and image? (similar to the area measures in YuriG´s image)
    Thank you both again for your fast response.

  • 2017-01-31-093605

    Hannan --

    I'm glad you found the information useful.

    Your request for a LABEL on the IMAGE is doable within IMAGE-PRO PLUS.

    The FEATURE you are looking for is controlled within the OPTIONS of COUNT / SIZE.

    Please see the image below that illustrates this.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt


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