Ignoring/Deleting out of range objects


In IPP7 and below there was an option for the count to ignore all objects that were out of defined ranges. 

In Premier there seems to be always the total. Could not find some equivalent to the old function  - is there one I overlooked or can these objects be removed by code? 




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    In Premier you can use Edit Ranges to define filter ranges. When you click "Apply Filter" or check Apply on Close, the objects outside the ranges will be deleted.

    The ranges are persisted, so with a new Count the ranges will be applied as well (when the Ranges button is checked).

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    Daniel --

    I interpreted your question a bit differently than YURI did.

    I believe that you are asking how to DELETE the OBJECTS that are shown in the TOTAL but that are not shown in the RANGE.

    This FUNCTION is accessed in PLUS with


    Please see the FIRST PANEL of the IMAGE below.

    I thought there was a similar FUNCTION within PREMIER but I cannot seem to find it.

    There is a process that you can use to do the same thing though.

    Whether the HIDDEN OBJECT is HIDDEN because it is FILTERED or MANUALLY HIDDEN, it can be DELETED from PREMIER using the FEATURE MANAGER.

    This is shown in the panels 2 through 4 in the IMAGE below.

    Between PANELS 2 and 3 there is a


    Between PANELS 3 and 4 there is a


    Between PANELS 4 and 5 there is a


    This last one is shown in a separate image below.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt


  • Hi Matt, 

    Yes that's exactly the function I was thinking of. in IPP6 this led to significantly higher speed and since I measure very many objects in very large images, I hoped to speed up the thing. I need to save the objects temporarily after detection using filters etc..., then I reload them onto newly loaded originals to get the real values. I'm not sure if the unfiltered total objects slow this process down, since saving e.g. 190k objects to the FM takes a long time (and much longer than saving objects to scl files in previous versions...)

    Anyway thanks!

  • Dan,

    Premier discards objects immediately after Count if they are out of range. IPPlus's "Delete Hidden Objects" is used only for manually toggled objects and to re-label the objects consecutively.

    Premier saves more details about segmented objects to IQM file, then IPPlus, so the measurements files bigger than IPPlus's SCL.

    There is also an option to Hide/Show selected objects, which you can find in the Select group of the Measure tab, you can also Delete selected objects, though I think it's not your question.


  • Dan --

    Think about making a MASK out of the OBJECTS and then saving the MASK.

    You can always RECOUNT the MASK and then transfer the OBJECTS back to the SAMPLE IMAGE or transfer the SAMPLE IMAGE PIXELS into the MASK IMAGE (if you are looking at DENSITIES or something.

    I hope that information is helpful.

    -- Matt
  • Thanks Matt, 
    I use masks very often, but takes the same time to create it with many objects as putting objects temporarily into FM. 
    However, thx
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