load single files as sequence

in order to stitch several single frames, I loaded them from single files (TIF) checking the option "Open as sequence".
Sequence is correctly built but for each image added from file a new calibration is also added to the list.
Of course all the used images have the same resolution and calibration.
In my case the sequence is made by 441 frames and, after loading all the images, I found 441 new identical calibration in the list.
The calibration remains in the list even after the Sequence is closed (deleted from Premeir).

Is there any way to avoid this problem?


  • Maurizio,

    We will look at the ways to avoid this problem, can you please send me a couple of images, which can be used for tests?
    Also, as I see from the screenshot these calibrations are not marked as "Reference calibrations", so they will be discarded when you close Premier. You can also activate "Reference Only" button, so these calibrations will not be shown in the list.

  • Maurizio,

    Thank you for the test images. I opened them as sequence in Premier 9.3 and only one calibration was created, so it looks like the issue is fixed in the latest version. Can you please check it in Premier 9.3 (http://www.mediacy.com/support/productupdates )?



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