how to return threshold ranges from autofindphase segmentation

I would like to obtain the threshold range values from autofindphase segmentation routine. Is this possible?


  • 2017-03-27-141338

    Nan --

    The code below is part of an app I did in 2015.

    This queries the THRESHOLD TOOL for the MIN set by the user.

    Perhaps this will put you onto the trail of the code you seek.

    I hope this information is helpful

    -- Matt


            'Learn the THRESHOLD set by the user
            With Measure.ThresholdToolCommands.Thresholds(Nothing)
                For Each cl As SegmentationClass In .Classes
                    OPAL_BrightMaskThreshold = cl.Channels(0).ThresholdMin
            End With

  • Thanks!
  • 2017-04-03-101639

    Nan --

    I'm glad to help.

    If you generate some code that allows your variables to learn the AUTO THRESHOLD VALUES, would you post it here please?

    If you will do this, other PREMIER PROGRAMMERS can take advantage of your trail blazing.


    -- Matt
  • This works very well. THanks
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