Need help for install Image Pro Plus on ZEISS AXIOIMAGER II

How to install and use Image Pro Plus on Zeiss AxioImager A2, please help me?

I downloaded software at

And extracted:  Zeiss_Axiovert_v6_0_0_12.exe

Then, Run exe file C:\IPWIN70\

Open Imager software and I don't see Image Image Plus anywhere. 

Where is the mistake?



  • VNN,

    What you have downloaded is a Scope-Pro component to support microscope automation from Image-Pro Plus (not other way around). You must have Scope Pro installed, which requires a separate license  (in addition to Image-Pro Plus).

    Here is a tutorial that shows how to set up and use Scope-Pro: 

    If you need assistance to control Zeiss microscope from Image-Pro Plus/Scope-Pro, please contact our technical support.

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