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We are evaluating our hardware to be able to better use Image Pro Premier. Right now, we do not have the recommended GeForce GTX Cards on any of our image capture stations. We do experience software crashes from time to time, but we need to justify the added cost of the upgraded graphics card due to company policy. If anyone has experience comparing graphics cards with Image Pro Premier, or can describe why the GeForce GTX card is a minimum hardware requirement, I would really appreciate it.


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    GeForce GTX card is required only for Premier 3D when you use 3D visualization and measurements. Capture doesn't require that card. If you have crashes, they might be related to something else you do. You may send email to tech support ([email protected] ) providing the details on your capture drivers and the steps you did before the crash, so they can try to find the problem.

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    Thanks Yuri! Do you know of any graphics card hardware suggestions for non 3D image measurement and capture?
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    Graphic card is not critical for capture, so most modern graphic cards will do.
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