App error with Premier 9.3.2

Hi Guys,
I tried to run an APP developped time ago in Premier 9.3.2.
I got this error message (never seen before).
The same APP was working fine in 9.3.1
Any suggestion from your side?
thank you


  • 2017-11-15-102535

    Maurizio --

    I recently had a similar error.

    The issue turned out to be a conflict with a REFERENCE that snuck into the PROJECT somehow that was confusing the WORKBENCH.

    In the WORKBENCH, trigger the REFERENCES FUNCTION using

    and make sure that all of the


    references are UNCHECKED.

    This resolved the issue for me.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt

  • Hi Maurizio,

    It looks like something is not right with MediaCy.Automation (either reference or Imports), as Matt also suggested. The full name of the class is MediaCy.Automation.Application.DocumentCommands.... Make sure that you have a reference to proper MediaCy.Automation.dll in your project.


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