How can the Otolith app be corrected so that the Comment field is cleared after data is saved?


I downloaded the Otolith app this morning and measured two structures.

When I got to the "result" page for the first structure, I included a comment. Then I exported results, closed the image, and chose to not save changes to the original image. The app automatically moved to the "Image" page, the first page of the app.

Then I measured a second structure, and when I got to the "result" page, the comment I had entered for the first structure was still in the comment field.

Is there a way to modify the Otolith app so that it clears out the comment field?

Thank you.

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    Hi liwilson,

    Sure, you could modify the app for your needs. To clear Comment field you need to modify the line:

    tbComment.Text = _sComment
    like this:
    tbComment.Text = ""'_sComment
    in the AppForm.vb file. 

     - click "Edit Code Module" to edit this file.



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