New Module/Project and problems with Project References

I've started a new project/app/module which seems to have broken one of my macros in IPP 9.2. I copied the macro code from a working macro in a different project, and copy/pasted the code into the new module2.vb file.

I'm having trouble with getting the macro to run in the new project/app/module, it's throwing an error; "expecting a var name" at character 50 on the following line, which is the open parenthesis before Incremental measurement;

        With Measure.MeasurementsCommands.Options(Incremental_measurement)
            .IncrementalDistance.AutoAngle = False
            .IncrementalDistance.Angle = 90R

Is there a way to determine if I'm missing references or determine which references need to be active for this code to work?

Thanks for taking a look,



  • 2018-10-16-145224

    MRK411 --

    There is a way to EXPORT REFERENCES / DEPENDENCIES from PROJECT A into a FILE and then IMPORT them into PROJECT B via the FILE.

    I do not have access to my PREMIER / 10 keys right now to do a screen capture or I would lead you to the section of the WORKBENCH with those controls.

    You could also RENAME PROJECT A to PROJECT B and then delete all the un-needed elements of A and then build B.

    One of the PREMIER / 10 GURUS should be able to tell you which LIBRARY is needed by the MEASUREMENTSCOMMANDS.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt

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