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area surrounding a selection - changing/modifying multiple selections


used to do so in high content analysis, I was wondering if there is any way to smart segment spots and then create from that selection a donut-shaped outer area surrounding the selection area. I think I could use the Feature manager to copy the single selections (circles) but I wouldn't know how to increase those selections by x% or x distance from the selection-center each.

Background: In Immunohistochemistry one frequently stains the cells' nuclei with one color for the object identification (via smart segmentation) and then looks for signals/expression levels in other colors, outside of that area (inside the cell but not inside the nulcei).

Thank you very much.


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    Hi Dieter,

    Image-Pro has this option, you can find it in the Segmentation Options group of Measurements options panel. The "Grow" field defines the grows in pixels, which is applied after executing the Count operation (the "Use Restricted Grow" option, in the drop down, prevents grown objects from merging).

    The doughnut shape then can be created combining masks (Sub, XOR) of objects with and without Grow.

    Let me know if that will work for you.


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