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May I know if it is possible to download and use image report templates. I have 4 images (and 5 in some cases) and I would like to present all 4 of them in a single page of  an MS Word file. I have tried the built in templates that came with Image-Pro, but they altered the aspect ratio of the image in the final report. In the report preview, the aspect ratio is correct, but then it changes it whilst the report is saved. Thanks for any help in advance.
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  • edited September 2019

    You can edit template and ensure that the image field properties are set as "Keep Size" and "Squeeze". In that case the image should have the right ratio:

    If the ratio changes when you save it, try to check different output formats (PDF, DOCX, DOC,...).

  • Dear Yuri,

    I followed your suggestion. The image scale is retained if I save the file in pdf format, but then the image layout is lost. If the file is saved as doc or docs, the layout is retained, but the aspect ratio is gone.


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