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Please send me the add-in file of Image-Pro 10 for extension of VB.NET program


Thank you for usual help from you.
Before you sent me a message with “sample VB.NET project” for that
I use the program of VB.NET to use the add-in function of Image-Pro Premier 9.3.


However now Image-Pro Premier 9.3 is changed to Image-Pro 10.
So I couldn't start the program as using the previous add-in file.
Because DLL-file version is also updated!

Please send me the add-in file of Image-Pro 10.

Sorry for this request.
I'm glad if you accept my asking.

(Temporarily I am using  Mr. Morita's account of Japan Roper for asking this question.)

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    Hello Kimura,

    The call stack shows that the error happens when you click Button2, in IPPremierAddIn1.TUBURE.test0_tsubure() function. Please check the code and see what could cause the problem (does it have proper input parameters, active image,...). You can debug your project in VS2017 (run in Debug mode) to find out exactly where and when the error happens.

    If you cannot find what's wrong, please send me your project with the steps to reproduce the problem and I will try to debug it.




  • Hello Kimura,

    When you use Image-Pro 10, you just need to recompile your project in Image-Pro 10 environment. 
    You should do all the steps your did with 9.3: 1) map Image-Pro 10 folder to X:\ drive, 2) copy project folder (IPPremierAddIn1) to X and 3) Compile the project in VS2015. 
    Note, that Image-Pro 10 uses new version of .NET framework, so you should adjust "Target Framework" to 4.5, as shown on the screenshot below:

    Then just be sure that the IPPremierAddIn1.dll and IPPremierAddIn1.Addin files are in the X-folder, start Image-Pro 10 and you should see the Samples ribbon tab with your addin.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Yuri,

    Thank you for advice.
    I tried your advice but error and caution message was displayed in compile time.
    Please check attached screenshot.

    Detail message is as below.

    Error 2: Now your project is contained the referrence of MediaCy.IQL.Engine to several versions, direct reference to version  9.2.6077.0,
    and indirect reference to version 10.0.6912.0 through 'MediaCy.IQL.Application.McApplication'.
    If you want to use version 10.0.6912.0(and new version after it) of MediaCy.IQL.Engine, you have to change direct reference.

    Error 9:'ThisApplication' isn't declared. It's set to be impossible level to access.

    Caution1: Competition in the each different version of same dependent assembly is found.
    Caution4: Variable "docList1" is brought by reference before the number(value) is assigned.
    Caution8: It's no used local variable "image1".
    Caution21: Variable "doc1" is already used before number(value) is assigned.
                     There is a possibility that exception of Null reference is happened when you execute.

    Other error message is possibly same meaning about difference of versions except dll name.
    Please tell me what I should repair and execute before compile.

    And our development environment is Windows10、VisualStudio2010.
    As using Image-Pro 10,I heard that it sets the target frame of Net frame-work to 4.5.
    But selection list is displayed only until 4 in VS2010.
    Is there something trouble that I set 4 not 4.5?

    Please advice about above questions.

    (Temporarily I am using  Mr. Morita's account of Japan Roper for asking this question.)

  • Hello Kimura,

    If you are using VS2010, you may have problems with updating .NET framework. You have to use VS2015 or higher.

    After you install the right version of Visual Studio, please use the steps that I mentioned previously:

    1) map Image-Pro 10 folder to X:\ drive,
    2) copy project folder (IPPremierAddIn1) to X and
    3) Compile the project in VS2015. 

    Let me know if you have any issues.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Yuri,

    Thank you for your reply and advise.
    I succeed to compile by new installed VS2017 as followed to the method which you advised.

    And after that I started Image-Pro 10 to execute the program from add-in function.
    But the error was happened.
    That error message is as below.

    I attach the screenshot of it.
    Please tell me the reason and solution for that.


    The error in Image-Pro
    Image-Pro have problem
    Error 0x80030003

    Message: Error 0x80030003
    Data: System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal
    InnerException: Nothing
    TargetSite: Void Run()
    StackTrace:    Place: MediaCy.IQL.Application.McCommand.Run()
       Place:  MediaCy.IQL.Application.McCommandExtended.Run()
       Place:  IPPremierAddIn1.TUBURE.test0_tsubure()
       Place:  C:\Program Files\Media Cybernetics\Image-Pro 10\TUBURE.vb:line 358
       Place:  IPPremierAddIn1.TUBURE.Button2_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)
       Place:  C:\Program Files\Media Cybernetics\Image-Pro 10\TUBURE.vb:line 166
       Place:  System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e)
       Place:  System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnClick(EventArgs e)
       Place:  System.Windows.Forms.Button.WndProc(Message& m)
       Place:  System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)
    HelpLink: IQL.chm#9136
    Source: McCalLib.McIntensityCalibs
    HResult: -2147287037
    Call stuck:
    Void Run():
    Void Run():
    MediaCy.Commands.SimpleScript test0_tsubure():
    Void Button2_Click(System.Object, System.EventArgs):
    Void OnClick(System.EventArgs):
    Void OnClick(System.EventArgs):
    Void WndProc(System.Windows.Forms.Message ByRef):
    IntPtr Callback(IntPtr, Int32, IntPtr, IntPtr):


    (Temporarily I am using  Mr. Morita's account of Japan Roper for asking this question.)

  • Hello Yuri,

    Thank you for your advise.
    I debug and found the point where the error is happened.
    It probably seems the error in the part where the auto memorized macro by Image-Pro Premier.

    The add-in function became to be available to action in Image-Pro 10.
    So I hope to finish this problem thread for last solution.
    Your help and advise is so helpful and valuable for me.
    Thank you so much.

    But I found new other happened error, so please allow that I ask it by new message.


    (Temporarily I am using  Mr. Morita's account of Japan Roper for asking this question.)

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