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Application not finding HASP when connection over Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Dear Sir,

When we using 'Remote Desktop Services' connection to PC which is already installed IPP7 or IP10 and also plug-in Dongle. It can't open software in remote mode. It seems can't identify HASP Dongle.
I saw this solution on the web. Please refer to.. https://sentineldiscussion.gemalto.com/topic/application-not-finding-hasp-when-connection-over-remote-desktop
 Is this the way to solves this problem? 
Or please help me what else can I do?


  • 2019-12-03-094708

    WesanSyu --

    I do not have experience with the issue that you are experiencing but perhaps if you describe it with a bit more detail someone here can assist?

    Would it be true to say that COMPUTER A has a properly running installation of IPP7 and IP10 and the DONGLES for those packages?

    Would it also be true to say that when you use COMPUTER B to control COMPUTER A via REMOTE DESKTOP SERVICES, that IPP7 and IP10 do not run properly?

    I hope this helps generate some additional information that you can use to resolve your issue.

    -- Matt

  • The licensing sub-system, for Image-Pro Plus v7, specifically prohibits remote desktop connections. This method of using the software has never worked.

    Image-Pro 10 will allow RDC for all supported, non-server, operating systems. Please make sure the dongle is properly recognized in Windows Device Manager.

    Scott Reed
  • Another option is to use screen sharing applications, such as Chrome Remote Desktop.

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