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Issue w/ Image Pro 10 Licensing


I am currently trying to properly register/license my new IP 10 software. I went through the activation process online and got the confirmation email for my two unlocking codes. I downloaded my license files and transferred them on to a flash drive (the computer I am installing the software on is a standalone, so no internet). However, when prompted by the licensing wizard to either obtain license through dongle (which I do have) or by files (which I select), no files load in. What I mean by this is that I am able to find them by browsing and select them, but when the next page pops up to save and finish, it is blank. If I press finish, I just receive an error message saying no valid licenses were found. Is there a reason this is happening?



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    The license activation page uses a standard File/Open dialog so I'm not sure why it would appear in one and not the other. These are standard .BIN and .ZIP files so make sure there are not restrictions.

    You can try typing "*.*" (star dot star), on the File/Open dialog, to show all files in the selected directory. 

    If that doesn't work, but you can browse to the files in Windows Explorer, you can manually copy the .BIN files into the Licensing folder ( C:\ProgramData\Media Cybernetics\Image-Pro\Licenses ). 

    Best Regards,

    Scott Reed
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