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Help with discrepancy in settings between two systems


I currently have a setup using IPP 7.0 that has been up and running for years and is well established. Recently, I have been trying to essentially replicate this setup to double productivity and output. Due to this, while IP 10 would be better/newer, I am sticking with IPP 7.0 for consistency. There were multiple issues (both due to the stage itself and the software) in the beginning, but most of those have been worked out. The main issue currently is that I was not the user who originally set up the existing (old) setup. Therefore, I am unsure how to proceed after a few last-minute hang ups. The main issue is that in Stage-Pro, the focus travel speed is greyed out. This is an ongoing issue and I have attempted to reconfigure focus in Scope-Pro configuration a few times now to no avail. Additionally, I am having some smaller issues with the scan area and sample pattern. I have attached comparison images with brief descriptions of the issue on this post (the top image in each set is the new setup and the bottom image is the current system that is in place). Any and all help/advice is appreciated! Thank you!


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    For Focus Travel Speed, have you completed a Z Calibration ("Calibrate Z")? I believe this must be done before you can set Focus Travel speed.

    Regarding the Frame limitation, you need to make sure that the travel area, on both systems, are the same. The safest way to insure this would be to use Physical Limits. 

    I am not familiar with a way to move the user defined locations. I assume, like you, that it could be loaded from the Load List button. 

    You should be able to copy and paste all configuration files from one system to the other. I can't think of any conflicts that would arise other than a path issue which is easily corrected. 

    Best Regards,


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    Hi Scott,

    Thank you for your help! As far as calibration of the Z, are you familiar with the procedure? It is asking for me to focus on a first relative position but I'm not sure what that is.

    As far as the travel area, the physical limits are a bit smaller/tighter on the newer system; does this mean I cannot transfer the file over from the old system? 

    You mention a path issue, what would that be? 

    Thanks again!
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