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Getting IPP 7 system running


I came here a little while ago with some issues regarding discrepancies between an old and new system that I was hoping to rectify. I have since taken some of the advice, but have more questions than answers. In short, I have both manually and automatically calibrated the XY and Z positions in attempt to fix problems accessing certain functions to no avail. The issues I'm currently stuck with are the following (all having to do with the "stage pro" section under the acquire tab):

-the focus travel speed (lens/mag tab) is greyed out despite z being calibrated
-the site/plane sections (stage tab) are greyed out
-I cannot edit the current area (scan area tab) for frames in Y more than 1 (needs to be 28 for my system)
-I am still having trouble loading a previous scan area/pattern (scan area tab) into the new system
-I am hoping to load my previous system's sample pattern (sample pattern tab) into the new system but cannot figure out how; load list does not do anything when I try that.
-delta z, slice size, z top/bottom (acquire tab) are all zero but should not be based on the number I have set for planes per frame
-the "use user defined pos" box is greyed out (acquire tab)

If anyone is able to help, I would really appreciate it; we are hoping to have this system running but keep finding these small issues and need a fix!




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    Kayla --

    I am located in HOUSTON TEXAS and offer professional consulting services related to image analysis with an emphasis on IMAGE-PRO PLUS and IMAGE-PRO.

    Those services can be delivered via INTERNET (WEBEX, TEAMVIEWER, ETC.) or ON-SITE.

    Should that be an option that seems prudent for you, please let me know.

    -- Matt

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    If I would be able to get your email/contact information so that I can see about this avenue that would be great.


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    Kayla --

    My CONTACT INFORMATION is posted in my profile and below.

    Matthew M. Batchelor
    Alces Imaging and Automation, LLC
    Phone – 281-646-7477
    E-Mail – matthew.batchelor@alces.us

    -- Matt
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