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My Image pro 6.0 stops working

I have Olympus DP72 and Image pro 6.0 installed on the PC. windows XP and everytime i take photos the error shows up.

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  • 2020-03-18-150436

    Lumenoroid --

    I have not see that error before and do not know the cause.

    If I were you, I would determine if the user is using a different set of CREDENTIALS (USERNAME & PASSWORD) to log into WINDOWS and if any other set of CREDENTIALS works properly.

    If that is not an issue, perhaps try running the software as an ADMINISTRATOR.  That can normally be accomplished by right clicking on the SHORTCUT ICON or APP ICON and making the appropriate selection.

    I hope this information is helpful and that you are able to resolve the problem.

    -- Matt

  • Hello,

    It appears there could be a problem with the camera hardware. Is there Olympus software installed which can operate the camera? If so, try capturing images in that software and see if the errors appear. If they do, then it would indicate the camera is generating the errors. In this case, re-seating the computer board and camera cables may help.

    One other thing is that there is a hidden file which caused different errors with this camera and the solution is to delete the file. The file is C:\IpWin\GVPF$$$.CCS. The view hidden folders setting in Windows Explorer needs to be set to see this file. Try deleting the file and see if the errors go away.
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