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Is it possible to run different measurement algorithms on different ROIs in the same image?

I would like to run different algorithms on different ROI's in the same image. Is this possible?

Ross T


  • Hi Ross,

    It is possible, but only consecutively:

    1. Create ROI1.
    2. Count Objects using Algorithm1 (e.g. Smart Segmentation recipe 1)
    3. Move ROI1 to different position (as ROI2), activate "Preserve existing data" option (on Measurement Options Panel, Count Options group)
    4. Count Objects using Algorithm2 (e.g. Smart Segmentation recipe 2). The new objects will be added to the existing objects created on step 2 and displayed in the Measurements Data Table.

    Another option would be to use Data Collector collecting data after every Count. In that case you use "Reset existing data" option (default) and the data is accumulated in Data Collector.

    Best regards,


  • I will give that a try. On the same project I am trying to get a fiber density from a slide of brain tissue. The Roberts edge filter does a nice job of  highlighting the fibers and mostly ignores cell nuclei as desired. I don't need to count every fiber as it will be a comparison but I would like to be able to pick up a few more of the fibers with lower intensity edges. Any thoughts?  I  just can't get it quite good enough. 

  • Hi Ross,

    If you just want to evaluate/compare density of textured objects (fibers), then Edge filters is the right way to go, you can also look at Sobel, Canny or Edge Plus/Minus - they all will extract texture. Then you can apply Low-pass filter of large size (e.g. 50x50) and measure intensity: areas with high density of fibers will have higher intensity, empty areas - lower.

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