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Measure an Object or Cell with Varying Intensity - Image-Pro Plus

Hi there.
I am trying to measure the intensity of an object as a function of the distance from its center, and the Youtube video with the above name looked ideal for my task.
By any chance may I have a copy of the ring_measurement macro that was referred to in that video?

Sorry if this is discussed somewhere else and I am not seeing it....
Thanks a lot!
Daniel (University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, Romania).


  • Hi Daniel,

    Are you using Image-Pro Plus or the current version of Image-Pro 10?

  • Hi there,
    I have a license for Image-Pro Plus software now.
    Thanks so much,
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    Hi Daniel,

    I could find the macro for Image-Pro Plus, as that Youtube video was from 10 years ago, but I found a similar macro for Image-Pro 10. You can currently download and work with Image-Pro 10 without a license, use this link.

    Then you can load the attached project, segment the object of interest, and run Ring_Measures macro:

    the result will look like this

    By default the macro creates 5 rings of the same area.
    You can change the number of rings modifying the code on line 455:

      Public Sub SplitDistanceMapToEqualAreaRings
            Dim NumberOfRings As Integer=5'define number of rings
            Dim Ranges() As Double


  • Dear Yuri,

    Thanks so much for this!
    I am not very handy with IPP Premier, since I have a licence for IPP-AMS which has a completely different interface...

    I need to quantify the intensity of the red color in red blood cells as a function to their centroid mass. So very small objects.
    I tried to use this macro but it generates some circles which are way larger than my whole red blood cell... 

    Do you have any ideas please, now knowing that I need to evaluate small AOIs?
    Thanks so much!!!!!!
  • Hi Daniel,

    Can you please send me your image, so I can check what the problem is? You can drop the image here: Click here to upload files.


  • Hi again,
    This is an example. I would like to characterize the RBC like this....
    Thanks big time!
  • Hi Daniel,

    I checked your image, but I don't know exactly what are the object(s) you want to analyze. Can you please send a screenshot with you object(s) segmented (outlined). Do you have one object or many? (the macro you watched on Youtube, and the project I sent, work with 1 object per image).


  • Hi again.
    This is how I segmented the RBCs, a few of them: generated an RGB mask of the RBCs and then drew by hand around the RBS. So when I segment them it will use the RGB map only inside my AOIs. Otherwise I cannot separate RBCs from the rest....
    And the scope is to analyse only the RBCs...

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    Hi Daniel,

    The macro handles only 1 object, so you should create only 1 object to work with the macro. You can either draw the object manually using Measurements polygon tool (not ROI) or Magic Wand (then validate As Measurements) (use Ctrl Click to create a proper object outline:

    I've attached the image with object.
    You can just lad the attached image and run Ring_Measurements macro, the result will look like this (some rings are broken as they are too narrow, less than 1 pix):

    You may also active Intensity Red, Green or Blue to look at RGB values.

    You can use other tools of Image-Pro to get more visual details about intensity distribution, such as Surface Plot or Bitmap view (convert measurements outline to ROI before activating other views):

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