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Quantifying edema (measure area of ROI)

Disclaimer: I don't use this software often, not an expert. 

I'm using Image-Pro Premier 9. I have slide scanner images (very large .ndpi files) of human pancreas tissue stained with H&E. Edema is fluid found between cells, and in these images this is seen as white whereas the cells are purple/blue. I want to express the amount of edema on every slide as a percentage. Therefore, I've set up a smart segmentation: 1) I made regions of interest around the parts of the tissue I want to quantify, 2) I've created objects around the white areas between the cells and have called the class "Edema", 3) I selected the area in the cells as background. 

I've run into two problems. Firstly, in the measurement table, I can get a total area of all segmented objects. This is the Edema. I however can't get a total area of the region of interest. Without that, i cannot calculate a percentage. Secondly, sometimes a measurement table isn't generated after I click on count. Could that be due to making the ROI too large? 

Thanks for any help.

P.S. The segmentation seems to be OK. Attached is an example (without working measurement table).

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    You should select "Sum" from the stats combo-box before adding the measurement to the selected list (default is Count).


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    Eilandjeslab --

    There is a setting within the




    By default I believe this is set to


    I have increased this to


    so that IMAGE-PRO will operate in a more predictable manner for very large images with large numbers of objects generated by the COUNT TOOL.

    Would it be possible to get an image file (not a screen shot) or a cropped image file from you to present another possible solution for you?


    -- Matt


  • Hi,

    Image-Pro has "Percent Area (%)" measurement, so you can use it directly, no need to get ROI area:

    About table: if you have large number of segmented objects (>10000), calculating stats in the table make take some time. You can use Data Collector to get the stats directly, which is much faster and can be done without showing the measurements table at all. You just need to add necessary measurements (Area(sum), Percent Area %(Sum)) to the Measurements Stats table and click Collect.

  • Thanks for the tip Yuri. One question, I can't seem to find Region:Percent Area (%)(Sum), only Region:Percent Area (%)(Count). This leaves me with a rather strange percentage: 
    Any idea on how to solve this? Is it because the image is uncalbrated? (I received these from some one else, so I can only do an auto-calibration. 

    If I do that, than I get a different Region:Percent Area (%). The values a very different, but still not what I would expect: 

  • @Matt, thanks that helps.
    @YuriG, I've changed it to Sum and now it's working wonderfully. Thanks!
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