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The BROWSE FOR FOLDER dialog box from NEW PROJECT + LOCATION BROWSE seems to behave akwardly . . .

All --

It is my experience that when starting a new programming project within IPP904 that


displays a BROWSE FOR FOLDER dialog box that does not show (or allow navigation via) SHORTCUTS that exist on the DESKTOP.

I've included a SCREEN CAPTUREs of my computer during this operation to illustrate that BROWSE FOR FOLDER shows the DEMO FOLDER and the FOLDER WITHIN DEMO FOLDER but it does not show the shortcuts for


I can dig down through COMPUTER + + + + to get to these folders but that's why we have SHORTCUTS right?

Speaking of digging, when I use the BROWSE FOR FOLDER dialog box to work my way to a folder that exists already, it seems to scroll the active / just opened folder to the bottom of the list / window so there seems to be a huge amount of scrolling to get to an existing folder.

Is there a way to configure IPP9 or the BROWSE FOR FOLDER dialog box to behave in a less awkward way when creating a new project or is this possibly a FEATURE REQUEST for the next version of PREMIER?


-- Matt


  • Matt,

    This prompt is a standard Microsoft dialog and we don't have much control over its behavior. We'll keep your remarks in mind for a future version of Premier.

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