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ImageSetAnalyzer for multi-channel images

Hi Forum,

Is there a way to analyse individual channels of multi-channel images for a whole plate? I've tried setting up a macro that turns off composite view, so that only channel 1 is visible. Clicking count and Collect all works when setting up the macro. However, once I run it in ImageSetAnalyser it seems that composite view is turned back on again and no count is executed. 
The options task shows that composite view is off (see image) - is there a channel setting in there I need to change?

Thank you,

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    Hi Henri,

    You shouldn't toggle "Composite" button recording the macro. The Set Analyzer should handle it itself, it extracts locations one by one into separate temporary sets and runs loop macro on it (the macro doesn't run on original set).

    The right way of recording the processing macro is:

    1. Click the Extract Current location button: it will extract current location from multi-channel set and switch off Composite view.
    2. Activate macro recording and do your steps: (Load options, Count channel 1, Collect, switch to channel 2 , load options, count, collect....)
    3. Stop Recording

    Then you select that macro as "Loop" macro in Processing group, load full image set, set "Whole Set" option and click Run.

    Let me know if it doesn't work for you.



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