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smart segmentation

We have Image-Pro Premier version 9.3 and we are trying to replicate the below with relation to skin pores. 

We have cropped the exact image and put it into IPP for testing. However, when we perform the steps in the smart segmentation video, we either get something like the first image below which is not correct, or it refuses to segment anything at all (the second image).

Would you be able to tell me the precise steps in order to get those green borders around the pores in the first image? 

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    Hi Manu,

    The default recipe channels of smart segmentation may not always give you the best solution. In your particular case the pores can be detected by Edge Minus filter (11x11), so I've created a recipe that uses a custom channel based on that filter. The result looks like this on the screenshot copy of your post (it may look different on the original image with different resolution):

    I've attached the measurement options (I created them in IP 10.0,7).

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    Thanks very much!!
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