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measurement of area

Hi, you will have to forgive me I am a complete newcomer to this software. I am using image pro v10 (not plus or premier) and need to measure a drawn area in micrometers. I have figured out how to calibrate to micrometers and need the area in micrometers that I have manually drawn out using the polygon tool. 

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    ROI area is not reported directly, you can use one of solutions to get ROI area:

    https://forums.mediacy.com/discussion/comment/2020#Comment_2020 - use macro
    https://forums.mediacy.com/discussion/comment/3646#Comment_3646 - use Data Collector

    Another way is to convert ROI to measurements (via Features Manager), so then the area of the new measurement polygon (converted from ROI) will be reported in the data table.


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    stopherlogic --

    There are 3 things happening in the IMAGE that you posted.

    1)  IMAGE -- Pixels originally generated by CAMERA or SCANNER

    2)  MEASUREMENT OBJECTS -- REGIONS bounded by BLUE and labeled P1RXXX that were probably found by the COUNT TOOL

    3)  REGION OF INTEREST (ROI) -- REGION bounded by GREEN and created by manually drawing using the ROI TOOL

    I do not know of a DIRECT way to measure the ROI AREA.  You can get it indirectly by measuring the SUM of the AREA and the SUM of the PERCENT.

    I found an image on the INTERNET that is similar to yours.  I set it up in IMAGE-PRO similar to yours with MEASUREMENT OBJECTS and a MANUAL ROI with a SPATIAL CALIBRATION of 1 MILLIMETER / PIXEL.

    I extracted the measurements and came up with the TOTAL AREA of MEASUREMENT OBJECT and the TOTAL PERCENT AREA.  Dividing the 1st (13,943) by the 2nd (29.76 (converted back to decimal)) generates the TOTAL ROI AREA (46,851).

    This is shown below.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt



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    Thank you both for your help with this. I think measuring it indirectly is the path of least resistance. I really appreciate you going into detail of how to do this. 

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    edited September 2020

    I forgot to mention one more method that exists in the latest IP 10 - "Count by ROI". When you click this button the ROI is turned to a measurement of one class and the objects inside are counted using another class. The data table will display these classes separately:

    This method can be used with multiple ROIs as well.

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    stopherlogic --

    It would be another step but another way to get the AREA of the ROI would be to set a THRESHOLD that finds EVERYTHING within the ROI.  This would need you to make sure that the CLEAN BORDERS OPTION is OFF. 

    This is illustrated in the SCREEN CAPTURE below using the same image and ROI as used on FRI.

    Note that the results from FRI METHOD (46,489) and SUN METHOD (46,851) are very close (2).

    Remember . . .

    The THRESHOLD SETTING and MEASUREMENT OPTIONS SETTING illustrated below can be accomplished with an MEASUREMENT OPTIONS IQO FILE.  IQO FILES are handled by the SAVE BUTTON and LOAD BUTTON in the MEASUREMENTS SECTION of the COUNT/SIZE RIBBON as shown below.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt


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