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I have got a image pro plus 5. on my pc with win xp (32 bits). It's ok.

But when i want use Image pro plus in windows 10 (64 bits),it's a problem. I have mistake with the USB doogle. I'm using a virtual box for windows xp (32 bits). It's ok for Image pro plus but OS don't see the USB doodle and i can't instal the driver. It's the same thing when i'm want using Windows 10... Image Pro plus 5.0 work but the computer don't see the usb doogle... And I'm try differents drivers and anything works on this site : https://cpl.thalesgroup.com/software-monetization/sentinel-drivers

Help please...


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    In reviewing the Community Forum we came across your unanswered post and would like to make sure you've received a response from MediaCy since there was not a community response.

    Image-Pro Plus (all versions) is not compatible with Windows 10. The last release for this product, version 7.0.1, added support for Windows 7 Professional. If you require support for Windows 10, please consider upgrading to Image-Pro 10. More information about this product can be found here: https://www.mediacy.com/imagepro

    Best Regards,

    Scott Reed
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