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IMAGE-PRO equivaltent to IMAGE-PRO PLUS MSR FILE . . .


All --

I have a customer that is working to upgrade an IMAGE-PRO PLUS MACRO to an IMAGE-PRO APP.

The IPP MACRO uses the MSR FILES to guide the USER through the collection of measurements.  The MSR FILE directs IPP through activating the right tool and names the measurement.

If I remember correctly, this functionality was made by saving a the IPP version of a DATA TABLE and then loading it in a TEMPLATE MODE.

Is there a similar tool in IP 10?


-- Matt


  • Matt,

    MSR file contains manual measurements. In IP 10 you can load manual measurements from IQM file (Data Table, Load button).

    In IP 10, you can edit any loaded measurement feature (Line, Point,...) and change start/end locations, preserving old names.

    Another option is to record a macro adding manual measurements, and then activate Interactive property and define Prompt, like this:

        Public Function NewMacro12() As SimpleScript
            NewMacro12 = New SimpleScript
            Dim image1, meas1, doc1
            With Application.DocumentCommands.ActiveImage(NewMacro12)
            End With
            With Measure.MeasurementsCommands.Add(NewMacro12)
                .MeasurementType = McMeasurements.enumMMSTypes.mmtsLine
                .Prompt="Please draw Line 1"
                .SnapFeature = False
                .Interactive = True
                .Run(image1, meas1)
                'set name, if necessary
                If meas1 IsNot Nothing Then
                    meas1.Name="Line 1"
                End If
            End With
        End Function

  • 2020-10-27-074743

    Yuri --

    Thank you for your response.

    I am aware that an IMAGE-PRO IQM FILE can be recalled but this user has been using IMAGE-PRO PLUS and the MSR FILE FUNCTIONALITY for years.  They like being able to click the landmarks for NEW LINES and NEW ANGLES that they measure on a clear image.  Working to grab the landmarks for existing LINES and ANGLES is counter to their workflow.

    I have implemented something similar to the CODE in your NewMacro12 that gives them the TOOLS they need and changes the FEATURE NAME as appropriate.

    Thanks again.

    -- Matt

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