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How to save a segmentation image mask after object filtration

Hello to everybody!

I would like to know how to export images with measurement masks layout on top.

Basically, I am segmenting my images based on the RGB pick tool and I am defining 2 classes of objects (nuclei and immunohistochemistry signal). Then I do some area measurements, and I am also filtering my objects based on area, so that I do not count areas smaller than 2 sq microns.

And I would like to export an image with the colored masks on top, after area filtration.

The only way I could find was to press “Create preview image” in the “Count and measure objects menu” after the actual segmentation. However, even though I come back to this menu after measuring the data and applying the filter, this preview image contains the un-filtered mask… Is it possible to obtain a mask of the full image (not a print screen) after applying the filter?

Thanks so much and all the best wishes from Romania!

Take care and stay healthy, you and your beloved ones!!!



  • Hi Daniel,

    If you want to create a binary mask of segmented objects, after area filter, then use the Mask button on Count/Size tab.

    If you want to make a screenshot of the image with mask, then use Snap button on the Review tab.



  • Hi Yuri and thanks so much!
    This solved my problem!
    All the best thoughts,
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