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Need help to get some data from my images. Please read body for more detail.

I have set of images that were taken by a laser shearograpy camera ( attached a sample). I want to extract the following information from them about the cracks on the surface of the image:-
1) Length
2) Aspect ratio
3) Perimeter
4) Area 
5) Angle 
I have attached a sample image with this question. I was able to get the length of the cracks after manually tracing them over the image, (Auto line was having trouble in following the cracks) then I used the measurement tool in order to get the values that I mentioned above but the software was only able to get the length, I think that was due to the objects being 1 dimensional so it was not possible for the image to get the other values. Is there any way to get the missing measurements from my image? Please let me know if its possible with these images, one senior of mine worked with this software (Image Pro PLUS) in 2007 and was able to get the data from similar images, I have access to ImagePro 10 for 14 days left, so any guidance would be appreciated.
Some samples:- 

 Sample of what the cracks are :- 
Check attachment 


  • Hi sshrm17,

    The image needs some pre-processing to make segmentation of cracks easier. I've attached a macro project for Image-Pro 10 (Cracks.ipx) that works with CrackTest.tif image, created from your screenshot.
    The original image looks like this:

    After applying LowPass and DIC restore filters, the cracks are easier:

    After that the cracks can be segmented and measured as Objects to get Area, Perimeter, Aspect Ratio... or vectorized and measured as Lines to get Length and Angle.

    Here is the result after running EnhanceCracks and MeasureCracksAsObjects macros:

    and here is after running EnhanceCracks and MeasureCracksAsLines (cracks classified by Angle):

    You can check the macros and adjust segmentation parameters if necessary.



  • Hello Yuri,
    Thanks a lot for your answer, I will try to run this on my end and let you know how it goes.
  • Hello Yuri, 
    Hope you have been well. I was able to run the macro on multiple images.  I had a question about something you mentioned in the answer,  "After that the cracks can be segmented and measured as Objects to get Area, Perimeter, Aspect Ratio... or vectorized and measured as Lines to get Length and Angle. '' I tried using the measure command to get the data about the cracks from the images but the the data sheet came out blank, I think it has something to do with the segmentation and vectorization mentioned above, can you share how the same can be done?
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    Hi Shivam,

    To get the measurements of the cracks you just need to open measurements Data Table after running measure macros (MeasureCracksAsObjects or MeasureCracksAsLines) or after your own segmentation and Count. The measurements can be selected in the Types dialog. It may look like this:

    You can check our media library for more tutorials:



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