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I am working on an application where the DATE / TIME STAMP on an IMAGE is compared with DATA that is logged by another device.

When I get the TIME STAMP from the IMAGE using

Debug.Print ThisApplication.ActiveImage.date

The Debug.print shows

"2020-05-28 5:13:19"

The IMAGE INFO shows

"Date / Time:    2020-05-28 00:13:19.093"

Another set of examples from the same set of images is:

"2020-05-27 12:50:28"

from the CODE and

"Date / Time:    2020-05-27 07:50:28.187"

from the IMAGE INFO.

The difference between the CODE and the IMAGE INFO seems to be the number of hours in shift between USA CENTRAL TIME ZONE and UTC Coordinated Universal Time (what we used to call Greenwich Mean Time) which is 5 or 6 hours depending upon DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.

I believe that the information from
matches the information in the LOG FILE but I would like to know if there are options to extract the DATE / TIME STAMP from the image?

Thanks in advance.

-- Matt


  • Hi Matt,

    ThisApplication.ActiveImage.Date is the image time stamp. You can convert this tome to local or UTC using .NET functions (and print it in different formats formats):

        Public Sub PrintDateTime
            Dim t As Date=ThisApplication.ActiveImage.Date
            Debug.Print "Image Date/Time Local Time : " & t.ToLocalTime
            Debug.Print "Image Date/Time UTC Time   : " & t.ToUniversalTime
        End Sub

    the result looks like this:

    Image Date/Time Local Time : 6/29/2011 10:51:17 AM
    Image Date/Time UTC Time   : 6/29/2011 6:51:17 AM

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    -- Matt

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