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Topographic Map and 3D Views


I use bright field observation and produce Z-axis stacked color sequence images.

In the IPP7, there are EDF and 3DSI tools that can create Topographic maps and 3D graphics views. I feel the results are more accurate by 3DSI Module. It is easy to Measure the Z-axis distance by using 3DSI.

IP10 has more setting options to generate the Topographic Map. And Surface Plot display the 3D Image is more beautiful. 
But it seems that only using manual measurement tools to measure the Z-axis distance.

What is special about the EDF function between IPP7 and IP10?
What's the suggested steps for  measure the Z-axis distance in IP10?


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    Hi WesanSyu,

    Topo measurements functionality of IP 10 is different from IP7, but it can provide the same data.

    To measure Z-distance in IP 10 you have to load the sequence first (load images As Sequence) and ensure that it has Z-position information for every frame. Your sample sequence of JPG images doesn't have it, so you have to define calibration yourself by opening the Document Properties dialog and setting Z-spacing in the Metadata template:

    Then, you can create topographic map of 3D through-focus sequence by activating Topographic map checkboxes in EDF dialog, the topo-map will be created with calibrated Z axis, here is the view of your sample:

    The Topographic map is created with Intensity calibration corresponded to Z position. You can Clone surface Plot view "As Image" (on Image tab) and measure intensity at every point, using manual point measurements, regions, histogram or line profile and get Z-positions. If you use Line profile, be sure to activate "Intensity Calibration" checkbox:

    Let me know if you have questions,

    Best regards,

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