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Differences between IPX files with VB and IPP file within and individual VB and IPP files

All --

I recently received an IPX file as an example of how to resolve a problem.

The IPX file contained an IPP file that contains

    LoadModule "*Macros.vb"

This line seems to work when the PROJECT is loaded from the IPX file but when the VB and IPP files are stripped out of the IPX file and then the IPP file is brought into IPP9, an error is thrown by the

    LoadModule "*Macros.vb"

that is resolved by changing it to

    LoadModule "Macros.vb"

The asterisk in the IPP file was causing a


when the "original" IPP file is loaded as the PROJECT rather than the IPX file loading as the PROJECT.

MACRO SCRIPTING HELP on LoadModule does not describe the function of the asterisk and the error shows a "non-existent" (on the display) line number but opening the IPP with NOTEPAD shows that the

        LoadModule "*Macros.vb"

is the 18th line in the file.

So . . .

Does the asterisk in

        LoadModule "*Macros.vb"

that the VB file is contained within the IPX file?


-- Matt

Best Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Although .ipx files are actually zip files, they are meant to be used as is: there is no need to extract the files in order to load them in Premier. You properly guessed that the * used in the embedded .ipp file designates a virtual path withing the .ipx file.

  • Accepted Answer
    In Macro Explorer you can also do a copy of the module, and then paste it into another project.


  • All --

    It looks like this question ended up in the wrong forum but I do not know how (or if I can) change it.

    I'll leave it to the moderator to resolve this.

    Sorry and thanks.

    -- Matt

  • Pierre --

    Thank you for the information.

    I pulled the IPX (ZIP) file apart so that I could gain access to the VB file include and build upon it in my PROJECT.

    After your message, I theorized that perhaps a better way to do this would be to do a FILE + SAVE + FILE AS on the VB file.  I tried this but it seems to contaminate the IPX / IPP file with a


    that contains the path to the "external" version of the VB file.

    I guess the moral of this story is great care must be taken when transferring a VB file from one project to another. 

    One way (best way?) would be to:

    -- COPY / PASTE the -c-o-n-t-e-n-t-s- from the SOURCE VB FILE / MODULE into the DESTINATION VB FILE / MODULE.

    Another way would be to:

    -- Shut down IPP9
    -- Use WINDOWS to copy the VB file from the SOURCE PROJECT FOLDER (or IPX file) into the DESTINATION PROJECT FOLDER
    -- Run IPP9
    -- Add the VB file in the DESTINATION PROJECT FOLDER to the PROJECT

    Thanks again for helping me understand how the gears mesh within IPP9.

    -- Matt
  • Pierre --

    Thank you for the super suggestion.

    I thought that Yuri said not to do that but now I think he was saying that because of the DEPENDENCIES / REFERENCES.

    Thanks again.

    -- Matt
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