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Un-reshapable measurements

I have a region measurement that I saved to the features manager and then applied to an image.  I would like to reshape the measurement, which I can do with a "fresh" measurement.  I cannot move the control points


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    The measurement features could be locked. In order to edit you have to "Unlock" them first.

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    JCOV --

    There may be a better way to accomplish your goal but here is something that works.

    In the first image below, please see a FEATURE created by DARK THRESHOLD and COUNT on the AAA IMAGE.

    That FEATURE was saved to the FEATURE MANAGER and then recalled as a MEASUREMENT into the BBB IMAGE.  That FEATURE in the BBB IMAGE does not seem to allow editing.

    Also see that the FEATURE has been recalled into the CCC IMAGE but the MEASUREMENTS has been changed to ROI in the FEATURE MANAGER before the RECALL.

    Now using the POLY NUDGE TOOL (or other landmarks and ticks) you can edit the ROI as shown in the second image below.

    Now you can move the ROI into the FEATURE MANAGER and then change it to a MEASUREMENT and recall it into the image.

    As I say, there may be a better way to do this but I do not know what it is.

    I hope this is helpful.

    -- Matt

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