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How to create a macro?

I am a plant pathologist and I want to analyze data on leaf area and damage caused by pathogens, I have a set of 2000 leaves and I want to obtain the data with a macro or automate the process, obtain a data table to be able to analyze.

I appreciate who can help me


  • Yes, you can do that with Image-Pro.

    1. Record a macro that does the analysis on a single image and collects the data to Data Collector.
    2. Use Batch Processing to run this macro on a folder of your images (set your macro as Loop On), so the data from all images will be collected to Data Collector's table.

  • 2021-04-30-175838

    Gmarin711 --

    If you find that the development and testing of a MACRO or an APP to perform the analysis you need is beyond your skill set or taking too much time, my company (ALCES IMAGING AND AUTOMATION) provides SOFTWARE SERVICES for DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, TESTING, INSTALLATION, AND TRAINING.

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