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How can I track the powder particle in red circle automatically?

Hello all,

I am using Image pro premier 9.3 for tracking the powder particles injecting from the nozzles. I have used motion tracking to track the one powder particle from position 1 to position 2 manually. I am not able to track the powder particle in the red circle automatically. The purpose of this analysis to get the x and y-displacement from 1 to 2 and to calculate the velocity of that single powder particle. COuld you please provide me some suggestions? 

Thank you

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    Hi Raviraj,

    The tracking module of Image-Pro has the ability to track particles automatically or semi-automatically using correlation tracking (Match button). 
    Can you share your test sequence, so we can check if that's can be done? If the file is too large, you can upload it here : Click here to upload files.



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    Hi Raviraj,

    I've checked your test image and found that the tracking options didn't handle velocity limits properly if it is less than 1 (UI rounded it up). The spatial calibration was in millimeters, so I converted it to micrometers and used velocity limit of 400 (mcm/frame), so automatic tracking can work properly. 

    I've attached the calibration (Particles_mcm.iqc), which you have to apply to the sequence before tracking. And the tracking options (Particles4.tro), which you have to load on the tracking page and use Auto All button to track particles automatically.

    The segmentation result looks like this:

    and the tracking results:

    Also, frame times of the sequence are rounded to 2 sec (0,2,4,..10 sec), which doesn't look right, so the Velocity results would be also incorrect. You can use Distance data (difference in particle position between frames). The average particle distance, as seen from the histogram, is about 300 micrometers per frame, or velocity is 2000 micrometers per second (assuming that the time between frames is 0.15 sec (10s/68 frames).

    I've also attached automatically created tracks (ParticleTraqcks.trc), which you can load on the image from the Motion Tracking ribbon.

    Let me know if you can reproduce my results.

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    I looked at your sequence again and found a way to track it without recalibrating. The velocity limit in the UI is in pixels, so you can set it to 50 to get optimal results. Also, you can set Custom Frame Interval (I used 0.15 sec) so, the velocity values will be reported correctly.

    Please use the attached options (Particles7.tro) and you should get result as on the screenshot:

    I've also attached the animation with tracks.

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