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Is there newer documentation on Automation Help available than that of 2017

The latest updates did come without an update to the help files for automation. I wonder if there is help available that is newer than the 2017 version? The 2017 help file is missing documentation on i.e. McRibbon. An object which I discovered in the object catalogue but found no help documentation on.
In detail I am interested in loading my own customized ribbon file with the method McRibbon.LoadCustomUI. But there is no info on which xml tags are available for the ribbon file and if there are any restrictions on creating a ribbon file. Is it necessary to have the xml file named with a file extension of .RIBBON ??? etc.
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Regards, Helga.


  • Hello Helga,

    The documentation is updated continuously but we only distribute the latest with each new major release. You will be able to find the latest here: https://mediacy.sharefile.com/d-s46228ef2c0f5481cbad2c75a67093f95; however this won't help you with the ribbon which is used mostly internally. There is no official documentation for that but I'll file a feature request to consider its addition in a future release. In the meantime the supported tags can be inferred from the ribbon file (although this is inspired by the Microsoft ribbon our list of tags differs substantially) and we could provide other examples if you can clarify what you  are looking for. As for the mechanism for loading it, other that Image-Pro itself, the ribbon architecture is used by add-ins (which you should be able to find references about in this forum) implementing the interface IRibbonExtensibility and its method LoadCustomUI which provides a properly formatted XML string to be loaded by Image-Pro and containing the definition for additional commands and ribbon elements.

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