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Image vignetting problem

Hi everyone.

I have camera vignetting problem.


I use

Camera:          Qimaging R6 camera

Lens:               [Moritex ML MC 18C] lens

IP 10 version: 10.0.10

Interface:       CaptureInterface9.3.0 , PVCAMRetigaR3ColorCaptureInterface9.2.0

The captured image will have vignetting problems.

In addition to using the [Background Subtract] function, can it be automatically corrected when capturing.

Is there a way to improve in [Capture Setting]?

Or can automatically vignetting correction during capture?



  • Hi Kyle,

    There is "Background Correction" option in the Capture Settings, Calibrations sub-panel:

    It's using Background Correction algorithm, so you should use relatively bright image of uneven illumination doing "Create...".
    You can find more details in the help.


  • Thanks!  That works.
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