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Segmentation/ROI Live Preview, ROI image update

Have written a Premier application that presents an ROI object over a live preview image. The area within the ROI is live and updates at the frame rate of the camera. The question, I want to manually segment using count size within the ROI. Clicking Manual within Count/Size brings up the Threshold dialog but the image within the ROI is no longer a live, segmented image. The area within the ROI is captured, no longer live, but the Threshold histogram is live. Also, the area outside the ROI is live. Is this the normal behavior? I would like to give the operator the opportunity to focus the image within the ROI with the segmentation overlay active. Currently this does not seem possible unless I am missing something.

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    Currently the Threshold segmentation mask is not updated on live image until the threshold range is changed.

    You can use other methods to visually adjust segmentation levels. For example you can adjust Display parameters (sync BL and WL to have binary effect) or Saturation warning levels. When the level is set, you can set it as segmentation threshold.


  • Thanks for the feedback. I will toggle the Segmentation overlay. This solves two problems.
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