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I need indications

I want to translate Auto-Pro macro to Jython. 1st, I decided to translate macro to Algorithm before to implement in Jython. I'm not able to find all macro's instructions in the help of Image-pro Analyzer 6.3 for example I read this syntax of Save: Save(Wbook, "ErreurSeg", Paths(AnalyzeFolder)) I don't know where I can find Save just to have its descriptions and definition. Can someone help me about ?

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    Auto-Pro is a set of commands (macros) provided by Image-Pro in the IPBasic development environment. These commands only work in Image-Pro. Translating your Image-Pro macros (Auto-Pro commands) to another language will not work.

    If you would like more information about the SDK available for older versions of Image-Pro, please send you request to "[email protected]".

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    Scott Reed
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