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I want display full color range when convert image type

Dear Sir,

I had a 48-bit depth color image. This image is capture from 14bit color camera. It actually color range is from 0 to 16383. Windows system image file only support 24 bit or 48 bit depth format.
I need to do convert color type by customer conversion pixel value method for get linearly enlarge the color range. Then saving for 48bit format image file.

How to set  black level and white level displayed the full range value automatically when doing convert image. Because i found the black level and white level will auto fit on effective range.  
(I don't want to press reset display button.)

This problem does not affect the image archive. I just want to know can B/W level display full range automatically?




  • Hi Wesan,

    You should use Custom conversion pixel values ranges, like this:


  • Hi Yuri,

    I'm so sorry.  I didn't make it clear.
    I want to display full range BW Level (0 and  65535) when press convert image.
    I have found an effective method. Just need press Apply...

    # This is original image.

    #Custom conversion pixel values ranges

    # b/w level will fit to valid range

  • Hi Wesan,

    Yes, clicking the Apply will stretch the current display range 0..16343 to the full range (0..65535). My solution did the same, but with creating a new image.

  • Wesan, as currently implemented, for the Custom convert options type of conversion, the Convert command (Adjust.ImageCommands.Convert) will always set the black level and white level of the converted destination image to its true data range.

    We could provide you with a low-level macro that would do this conversion leaving the destination image BL/WL the default (0 to 64K in your situation here), but unless you need high throughput, I suggest that you just record a macro of the conversion step and then the Display Reset step.  When run on the ActiveImage, such a macro will result in a new ActiveImage with a full display range.

    Adding options to the Adjust.ImageCommands.Convert command to control how the display range of the converted image is handled could be considered for development in a future version of Image-Pro, but no such plans currently exist.

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