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Image-Pro Macro edit issues

Normally we create a template, hope we can use copy paste to do quick edit.

We find there’s copy option here, but paste is not allowed. And we try to copy the scrip and do paste. Can paste, but still can not create the user panel correctly.  Does it means each time we need to pick the tool and add one by one?


  • Hi Brijshwar,

    Some controls require specific host containers and cannot be pasted to a simple Form. When you tried to paste ToolStripButton to a Form (AppHostControl), it didn't work as ToolStripButton requires ToolStrip as a host, so you have to create a ToolStrip control first and then paste a ToolStripButton there.
    You can also copy/paste the complete ToolStrip from one app to another.

    Note, that controls may have event handlers, such as Click, which are not copied, so you have to do it manually.

  • Hi Yuri,

    Thank you.

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