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The macro is used to count the black dots in the silicon plates.

Due to the clustering character of the dots’ result, need manual edit feature to do  Manual corrections. Normally the dot number of a single sample is 5000-10000. Find Dark objects. The only result data customer interested is Object Number(the Original image is tiled image much larger than below samples).

Most of the cases we can use the options setting.

Following is a software plugin screenshot from the competitor. The idea is pretty good, so we can use the list as the “Options” in our APP. In the options end user can pick the Range need to apply. Normally do not need all of the options and the Min – Max range can have separate options, eg. the value Circularity, over 0.3 is ok, do not need to know the Max value.

Following UI Design is for your reference.

1.      Options configuration setting open/save.

2.      2 Type ROI options is OK.

3.      Option settings.

4.      Most important, find dark feature, to determine The dark objects, each time need to check/adj manually.

5.      Count objects.

6.      Manual edit. Notice the Magic wand work with the Validate as measurements.

7.      Result data, displays the object number.

Thank you!.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Brijeshwar Arora


  • Hi Brijeshwar, 

    Thanks for posting on the forum!  

    It looks as if you have a nice design for an app.  Is there a specific issue that you need help with? 

  • 2021-07-16-160613

    Brijeshwar --

    I operate ALCES IMAGING AND AUTOMATION to provide services like APP DEVELOPMENT to people in the IMAGE-PRO USER COMMUNITY.

    If you need assistance with APP DEVELOPMENT and APP TESTING to bring your APP from a design to reality, please let me know.

    ALCES provides these services and we can do most work via the INTERNET.

    My CONTACT INFORMATION is available within the FORUM and via a GOOGLE SEARCH on my COMPANY NAME.


    -- Matt

  • Hello Matt,

    I am actually facing issues in the UI design, the help files do not show how to design the UI, change the group box name.

    Thank you!
  • Hi Brijeshwar,

    The UI design of the apps in Image-Pro is very similar to the design workflow in Visual Studio. All properties of the controls (including name and text) can be changed in the Properties window.

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