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32-bit image pro insight

Can Image pro insight (32-bit, v8.0.4263.3) with DFC295 camera work under windows 10?

The reason I am asking is that we migrated the program to a new computer and now the software starts, shows live preview, but within 2-3 minutes, the video freezes and stops working. Has anyone encountered this problem?


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    Unfortunately, this configuration is not supported in Windows 10. If you have access to a Windows 7 computer, that would be your best option. 

    -Scott Reed
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    Does it have to be a 32-bit Windows 7?
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    edited July 2021
    tarapopp said:
    Does it have to be a 32-bit Windows 7?
    No, I believe 64-bit Windows 7 is fine as well. 

    This is taken from the Capture Interface release announcement in which the DFC295 is supported.
    April 4th, 2014
    Media Cybernetics ® continues to offer exceptional support for its hardware partners by releasing the latest version of the all NEW Leica ® DFC Capture Interface v. 7.0.1.This capture interface is necessary for Image-Pro software products to interface between the imaging application and the Leica DFC driver. This version was developed and tested with Leica DFC Twain driver 7.3.0 for the PC and is compatible with Windows XP Professional (SP3)and Windows Vista Business or Ultimate (SP2), Windows 7 Business or Professional in both 32 & 64bit operating systems.

    Image-Pro Insight8.0: Active Leica Cameras Supported: DFC295

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