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How to programmatically toggle the segmentation overlay on and off.

I have written a Premier application that presents an ROI over a captured image and allows the operator to moved it and size. The Count/Size Threshold dialog is displayed and allows the operator to threshold for counting purposes. This works as expected. I now would like to do the same thing on a Live Preview image and I can do this as well. However, as soon as the threshold tool is executed the area within the ROI is captured. Is it possible to momentarily disable the overlay to focus the area within the ROI? Or, must you close the Threshold dialog? I would like to assign a keyboard key that could be used to hide the overlay when pressed and when release, restored. This would assist in the focus process, view live image and then return the overlay.

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    Threshold dialog has the Show button, which you can use to toggle overlay without closing the dialog. Also this option is recordable, so you can toggle overlay programmatically (activate recording and check the code switching the overlay on or off).
    You can assign the recorded macro to a key or call it from your code.


  • Yuri; Works great, sorry I did not see this before. This also answers my other question about the live image within an  ROI.

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