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Camera no longer able to view in Configure (Image Pro Premier)

Good morning,
After an IT update we are unable to connect the Leica DFC295 camera to our Image Pro Premier software. We have checked the drivers have been installed correctly with Leica and the PC acknowledges that the camera is connected. However when using the Configure wizard, only the 'Capture Simulation' is listed under the Capture Devices when asking you to select Cameras. Are there further steps I need to take to help IPP find the camera and include it in this list? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide images if you need further information. Thank you


  • There are 3 things necessary to use your camera in Image-Pro:

    1) Image-Pro properly licensed for Capture.
    2) Windows Device Drivers. 
    3) Capture Interface.

    It sounds like the first 2 items have been verified. You may want to double check that the camera drivers are installed using Device Manager, a utility provided by Windows.

    The final item is the Capture Interface, a middleware utility that connects Image-Pro and the low level libraries for the camera. If this was previously installed and working, you should be able to reload the camera using the drop down list attached the "Live" (preview) button. If the camera does not appear there, please visit https://www.mediacy.com/support/imagepropremier/hardware?p=p3&m=6&mo=18 to download the appropriate capture interface.

    You may also want to examine exactly what changed on the computer. If the Operating System was upgraded to Windows 10, the solution may not work. Please also verify that you are using the appropriate version of Image-Pro Premier... if, during the update, a newer version of Image-Pro was installed, you may need to revert back to the old version. Know exactly what changed might help solve the problem.

    Scott Reed
    Media Cybernetics
  • Thank you Scott.
    We shall try the above today, the system was upgraded to Windows 10 :/
  • Scott, this has absolutely worked! We installed part 3 and the camera appeared in the drop downs within IPP.

    Thank you very much for your support.

  • My pleasure! 

    Scott Reed
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