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How can I count the parent cells and the daughter cells in images like these?


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    The image wouldn't upload correctly here
  • Hi Braydenx,

    The main issue in your example is to separate parent cells properly, the cells are close together, have holes, so it's not possible to separate them automatically. If you would have another image with nuclear staining, then that image could be used as a seed to separate the cells (using restricted growth).
    I separated your cells manually, then added the measurements to the Features Manager, counted children channel and added to Features manager, then created a composite image, and added these measurements to composite image (set Class 1, add Parents, set Class 2, add children from Features Manager, then you can group the measurements by Parent and see the stats of children per every parent:

    I've attached the composite TIF image with measurements, which you can open in Image-Pro to get the same result.


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